Joe Sr.

ANGLER: Joe Della Monica TAG ID: GFR2652 SPECIES TAGGED: Sailfish, Atlantic (Istiophorus albicans) DATE: 01/02/2015 LOCATION: Miami, Florida, USA OCEAN: Atlantic LATITUDE: 00.00 LONGITUDE: 00.00 BOAT NAME: Bouncers Dusky 33 CAPTAIN NAME: Bouncer Smith MATE 1 NAME: Abie COMPLETE CATCH DATA


ANGLER: Larissa Shewczyk TAG ID: GFR11569 SPECIES TAGGED: Pompano, African (Alectis ciliaris) IF OTHER: SEX: N/A DATE: 12/26/2015 LOCATION: RESEARCH CENTER: N/A BOAT NAME: Second Nature CAPTAIN NAME: Daniel Zier MATE 1 NAME: MATE 2 NAME:

Gray FishTag Research Program Outline

Welcome to Gray FishTag Research,  a Non-profit organization, powered by the world’s largest network of professional charter boat captains and mates. The program is initiated to collect relevant information in real-time and produce valuable scientific data, directly from fishermen in every part of the world. The data collected will be openly be available for scientific… Continue reading Gray FishTag Research Program Outline


ANGLER: Linda Roth TAG ID: GFR20035 SPECIES TAGGED: Sailfish, Pacific (Istiophorus Platypterus) DATE: 08/10/2018 LOCATION: Quepos, Costa Rica RESEARCH CENTER: Marina Pez Vela   BOAT NAME: GOOD DAY CAPTAIN NAME: Manuel Gabuardi MATE 1 NAME: Yoxan Gabuardi